n. A social gathering that occurs after a party, especially after a rave.
Also Seen As
At early-morning "after-parties," friends would recover from the hard beats of electronica (and the disorienting effects of Ecstasy) with the quiet balm of ambient music.
—Jim Farber, “The new easy listening,” Daily News, April 28, 2002
1980 (earliest)
"It was funny," said a jovial and very relaxed Walter Cronkite, "but I can't remember a damn thing." He said this about 1:45 a.m., deeply immersed in the evening's biggest afterparty, held by The Los Angeles Times and The Detroit News.
—Elisabeth Bumiller, “The Mocking of the President 1980 at the Gridiron Follies,” The Washington Post, March 17, 1980
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