n. A soft drink or lemonade that contains alcohol.
Irish people are turning their backs on the traditional pint in favour of trendy alcopops, new figures have shown.

Beer consumption fell last year for the first time since the start of the Celtic Tiger boom years. In comparison alcopop sales, which specifically target younger drinkers, have almost doubled in the last few years.
—Fiona Wynne, “Pint sales go down the drain,” The Mirror, May 08, 2003
1996 (earliest)
Hooper's Hooch - which has an alcohol content of 4.7 per cent - sells two million bottles a week only six months after its launch. Bass admits there have been problems with off-licences stocking the brew next to soft drinks.

The Advertising Standards Authority is investigating more than 20 'alcopops' now on the market. Rules state alcohol should not be marketed in a way that is likely to appeal to anyone under 18.
—“Labels 'don't lure children',” Daily Mail (London), January 10, 1996
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