alpha boomer
n. A person who belongs to the oldest segment of the baby boom generation and has significant disposable income.
The term "Alpha Boomer" was recently coined in the US to describe 55- to 64-year-olds, currently the fastest-growing demographic in that nation. Alpha Boomers enjoy America's second-highest median income, spend more money on goods and services and own more iPads and smartphones than any other age group.
—Laura Tennant, “Meet the Alpha Boomers,” The Independent, May 22, 2011
While the 18-34 demographic remains the most coveted among advertisers — get a consumer young, goes the thinking, and you get them for life — it is actually the 55- to 64-year old demo, the so-called "alpha boomers," that are the most dominant. Consider: Alpha boomers are the fastest-growing demographic in the nation. They make up half the population and spend more money on goods and services — nearly $2 trillion — than any other age group.
—Maureen Callahan, “Don't trust anyone over 50,” New York Post, January 22, 2011
2010 (earliest)
Wurtzel gave a preview to the press on Tuesday of a presentation he'll be making on Thursday to advertisers and ad buyer about Alpha Boomers—the older half of the baby boomer generation.

That group of 55 to 64 year olds are the fastest growing segment of the population and are quickly aging out of the tradition 25-54 demo, making them invisible to ad buyers. Wurtzel says these days, Alpha Bomers [sic] are very active consumers who have a lot of buying power, respond to advertising, are tech savvy as younger consumers.
—Jon Lafayette, “NBC Looks at Older Consumers,” Broadcasting & Cable, November 02, 2010
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