alpha earner
n. A wife who earns all or most of her household's income.
While it is true that many older men seem stuck with the "man as success object, woman as sex object" idea and would never contemplate marrying a ball-breaking alpha earner, men in their twenties and thirties seem to be redefining masculinity.
—Kate Mulvey, “What modern women want: a beta male,” The Sunday Times (London), October 07, 2007
They call them the new alpha earners. They are women, they bring home America's bacon and they are set to take over.
—Joanna Walters, “America's alpha career women leave men at the kitchen sink,” The Observer, May 18, 2003
2003 (earliest)
Some experts use a new phrase to describe high-income female providers: Alpha Earners.
—Peg Tyre & Daniel McGinn, “She Works, He Doesn't,” Newsweek, May 12, 2003
This phrase is curious because it appears to be gender neutral, but by definition it applies only to women. By rights, it seems to me, we should be able to apply this label to anyone — man or woman — who earns the lion's (or, I guess, lioness's) share of the household income. Further proof that language and logic often refuse to hold hands.