n. A person who believes everything they hear.
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Whether he jumped or was pushed, Vince Neil is gone and Motley Crue is all the better for it. From the opening notes of the anti-critic, anti-skeptic, anti-everything-but-us Power To The Music, it's clear that new recruit John Corabi is a more than able replacement.
—John Sakamoto, “Longing for the Raitt stuff,” The Toronto Sun, March 20, 1994
1987 (earliest)
Which are the contrarians? Answer: both the many skeptics who insist the bull market is skating on thin ice, and all those anti-skeptics who argue that the bull market is on solid enough ground or that, even if it isn't, the worrywarts will have to throw in the towel, come back in on the buy side, and so help keep driving prices higher.
—John W. Schulz, “Everyone's a Contrarian — How To Tell the Real From the Pseudo,” Barron's, September 14, 1987
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