apple tourist
n. A person whose vacation consists of visiting apple orchards and purchasing apples and apple-related products.
Other Forms
At harvest time, it is not uncommon to see enormous buses—the kind you see taking gamblers to casinos on the East Coast—pull up in front of roadside stands around the state and disgorge scores of apple tourists.
—John Seabrook, “Crunch,” The New Yorker, November 21, 2011
Buyers then offer this made-over app as their own product. Garten is looking to negotiate deals with tourism associations interested in rebranded versions for promoting local destinations. For instance, a Michigan apple tourism board has contacted Apptika to provide a "Michigan apple finder" to be loaded with their data.
—Pat Maio, “Phone apps designed to help make life easier by finding things,” North County Times, July 21, 2011
1987 (earliest)
This year, the apple tourist season kicks off Sept. 13 with a gospel music and bluegrass music festival to mark the grand opening of all the ranches, Argyres said.
—Jack Dies Martin, “Apple Hill Has Become Gold Mine of Another Kind,” The Business Journal-Sacramento, August 10, 1987
Finally, if you have questions about anything and absolutely cannot move from your spot in front of your favorite iProduct, there is now a button on every iPad 2 that will alert an Apple Specialist of your need for assistance. This is useful in crowded locations (all of them) because you may not be able to make your way back to the same area without battling the hoards of other Apple tourists.
—“UPDATE: Apple Retail 2.0,” Seidio, May 23, 2011