appliance garage
n. A built-in kitchen countertop unit that hides, yet also gives easy access to, small appliances such as a toaster, blender, and food processor.
In the kitchen, built-ins abound — a built-in wine rack, built-in swivel shelf for a television, built-in desk and shelf. A so-called "appliance garage" slides down to hide the appliances one usually leaves on the counter.
—Mary Sit, “Home of the week,” The Boston Globe, June 09, 1996
Popular interpretations of Eurostyle cabinetry — including high-gloss lacquer, laminates with wood trim and, in the last five years, black or white appliances and granite countertops — have become integral to the package. Hidden bonuses: slide-out shelves, built-out sink fronts, under-sink baskets, slots for utensils, appliance "garages," built-in spice racks, rollout lazy Susans and pantries.
—Elaine Markoutsas, “What's cooking,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, January 10, 1991
1981 (earliest)
Across from the sink wall, Fliss sacrificed a countertop to put in a pull-out pantry and a broom closet. Opposite the door leading to the dining room, a pull-out counter replaces the space sacrificed to the pantry and broom closet. Above that pull-out space is a drawer and a tambour door obscuring water is called an appliance garage — a place on the countertop to store all those electrical appliances when not in use.
—Andy Leon Harney, “Cooking Down,” The Washington Post, May 03, 1981
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