arrival city
n. A slum, shantytown, neighborhood, or other urban area that serves as an initial destination for a large population of rural migrants or foreign immigrants.
So he followed a pattern that was established in the 1970s, and which intensified in the 1980s, and moved to Australia, and to the ''arrival city'' suburbs of Sydney's west.
—Andrew West, “Pacific destiny on different shore,” The Sydney Morning Herald, December 23, 2011
The capital became, as it remains, an "arrival city", crammed with new communities: first from rural England, then Wales and Ireland, then continental Europe, then the former Empire, then the whole world.
—Boyd Tonkin, “Brenton Brown, By Alex Wheatle,” The Independent, August 12, 2011
2010 (earliest)
I am coining the term "arrival city" to unite these places, because our conventional scholarly and bureaucratic language—"immigrant gateway," "community of primary settlement"—misrepresents them by disguising their dynamic nature, their transitory role….

Arrival cities are known around the world by many names: slums, favelas, bustees, bidonvilles, ashwaiyyat, shantytowns, kampongs, urban villages, gecekondular and barrios of the developing world, but also as the immigrant neighbourhoods, ethnic districts, banlieues difficiles, Plattenbau developments, Chinatowns, Little Indias, Hispanic quarters, urban slums and migrant suburbs of wealthy countries.
—Doug Saunders, Arrival City, Knopf Canada, September 21, 2010
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