n. An error introduced into a message by automatic spell-checking or word-completion software, particularly when that error is indecorous or nonsensical.
Also Seen As
It was the PG version of what's come to be known as the autofail, the accidental (and sometimes mortifying) autocorrection from which many a blog and book have spawned.
—Jessica Bennett, “When Autocorrect Goes Horribly Wrong (And So, So Right),” The New York Times, January 09, 2015
Ok- now I know why I shouldn't answer questions on my iPhone in the middle of the night- autocorrect becomes autofail.
—Tamara, “Doctor Who Night at Barnes and Noble” (reply), Meetup, August 05, 2014
2009 (earliest)
I think my iPhone does it purpose [sic] to make me look stupid. Autocorrect, my ass. It's more like autofail! LOL
—Pretty Hate Machine, “I think my iPhone…,” Twitter, April 28, 2009
is thinking he should rename it to autoFAIL…
—Brandon Flade, “is thinking he…,” Twitter, July 04, 2008