badge ball
n. A ball made up of discarded vistors badges, usually found on the desks of receptionists and security guards.
Other Forms
From Hewlett-Packard in Mountain View to Apple in Cupertino, receptionists along California's computer corridor are killing time between cigarette breaks by wadding together discarded visitor name tags. It's not a recycling program. It's "badge balls." The biggest balls — some the size of monitors — compete with keyboards for desk space.
—“No Stinking Badges,” Newsweek, July 29, 1996
1996 (earliest)
Such are the dreams of badge ballers, the practitioners of an art form that is sweeping Silicon Valley. Look around at reception desks and guard stations, in lobbies big and small. Badge balls are everywhere.
—Mike Cassidy, “Valley's newest craze: badge balls,” San Jose Mercury News, June 23, 1996
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