n. A backpacker who finances their food, lodging, or transportation expenses by asking for handouts.
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But in the age of social media, crowdfunding, and hashtags, the dream of free travel has morphed once again, giving us the phenomenon of #begpackers: People who travel backpacker-style on a beggar’s budget, asking for contributions, freebies, and handouts from locals or fellow travelers…as they go.
I recently came across a unique kind of traveller: the beg-packer. Like the name implies, it literally means begging your way through the places you travel.
—Sonali Kokra, “Beg-Packing Is A New Travelling Trend And It's As Bizarre As It Sounds,” The Huffington Post, September 07, 2017
Images of so-called begpackers — Western tourists who beg, busk or sell trinkets on the streets — have been widely shared on Twitter, drawing criticism from locals who says the practice is deeply disrespectful.
—“Thailand targets Western 'begpackers',” The Week, July 28, 2017
"Beg-packers" is the word sometimes used to describe young Western tourists who play music or sell knick-knacks in the streets of southeast Asia to pay for their trips or to purchase their ticket back home.
—Maisarah Abu Samah & Louise K., “'Beg-packers': White tourists who beg in southeast Asia,” The Observers, April 10, 2017
2016 (earliest)
#begpacking: When you have no money to travel and need funding from others. #wotd #poor #needmoneytotravel
—Jayson O., “#begpacking: When you…,” Twitter, November 03, 2016