n. A manufactured object that regularly posts updates about its state, location, and environment.
Design conferences such as Lift and Where 2.0 feature the latest blogjects, mashups, and distributed narrative installations.
—Malcolm McCullough, “Ambient Commons,” MIT Press, March 22, 2013
This week, we are supposed to think about the power of metaphor in propagating a message of salvation or destruction about the future; what opening up education means to us, and the "Internet of Things", when "the who" telling the story is not a "who", but a thing that blogs, a blogject, and how its perspective circulates culture and carries ethical, social and political ramifications.
—Any Aranguiz, “Dare to Know and Compose Our Own Metaphors,” All the world's a MOOC, February 09, 2013
2005 (earliest)
I’m eager to find a way that the object can somehow collate a history of some sort that gives an indication as to its state-of-mind, where you translate instrumental registers of state-of-mind (where have I been? how long was I there? where should I be? have I been tossed about? am I inside or outside?), for experiential ones, couched in a bed of character-driven narrative, then disseminated in a way that gives the Spime/Object/Blobject/Blogject a sense of being.
—Julian Bleecker, “Spimes that Blog? Blogjets?,” Near Future Laboratory, November 05, 2005
If a blogject is an object that blogs, a tweetject is clearly an object that tweets.
—Roo Reynolds, “Blogjects and Tweetjects,” Roo Reynolds — What's Next?, April 24, 2008
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