body shopper
n. A contractor in a Third World country who recruits local programmers and shops them around to software companies in North America.
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A "body-shopper" by profession, Mr. Reddy takes calls from around the world and then scours the ancient city of Hyderabad for the best and brightest computer kids to send to Silicon Valley and beyond.
—John Stackhouse, “Boom times for India's brain brokers,” The Globe and Mail (Canada), July 14, 1998
That changed after India began its economic liberalization in 1991. At first the country was tapped primarily by "body shoppers"… for labor-intensive applications like data entry and millennium-bug projects.
—Srikumar S. Rao, “Silicon Valley goes east — way east,” Forbes, November 17, 1997
1993 (earliest)
Canny "body shoppers" round up workers from Third World countries and ship them to the United States, where they work long hours for employers on the lookout for cheap labor. Or employers looking for even better deals simply set up shop in low-wage countries.

Textiles? Low-end manufacturing? Hardly. The work is computer programming, and the new arrivals are accomplished code writers.
—Leslie Helm, “Creating High-Tech Sweatshops,” The Los Angeles Times, November 15, 1993
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