brain fart
n. A momentary mental lapse.
Mistakes we've made: In their efforts to obliterate a pink-and-mint- green color scheme left by the previous occupants, they painted the den "grape" the first time, an embarrassing goof. "It was some kind of a brain fart," said the always-blunt Peterson.
—Tinah Saunders, “At home with…Kim Peterson,” The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, August 26, 1994
The DEC documentation says:
"If your site is connected to the Internet, you should configure three
(but no more than three) NTP primary servers at your site that
synchronize to three highly accurate (stratum 1 or stratum 2) hosts on
the Internet."

I may be having a brain fart, but this seems ambiguous. Does
each local NTP primary server use three different Internet servers or
the same three?
—Richard L. Jackson Jr, “3 or 9 NTP servers?,” comp.protocols.time.ntp, March 29, 1993
1993 (earliest)
crispen sez:
>Perhaps we could rename this category the "Rev. Bob's Brain Fart Award",
>considering the number of them I've had
—“brain farts! oi madonna!,” bit.listserv.allmusic, January 05, 1993
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