n. A man who has progressive views, but who is also insensitive to women and dismissive of feminist issues.
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The "brocialist" is generally a good leftist. His heart is probably in the right place. But he has a gigantic blind spot when it comes to women, one that is both political (he is not sensitive to feminist concerns) and personal (he can be a pig).
—Marc Tracy, “How to Talk to a 'Brocialist',” The New Republic, January 08, 2014
My experience is that 'brocialists' don’t openly embrace patriarchy; they deny it’s a problem. Or they minimise it. They direct your attention elsewhere: you should be focusing on class. You’re being divisive. You’re just middle class (quelle horreurl). Or they attack a straw 'feminism' that is supposedly ‘bourgeois’ and has nothing to say about class or other axes of oppression. Or they just ignore it.
—Richard Seymour, “Laurie Penny on Brand, iconoclasm, and a woman's place in the revolution,” New Statesman, November 02, 2013
2006 (earliest)
Here we see a sterling example of the wily Brocialist in the wild.
—Pope Guilty, “Adn [sic] the worst part? I Actually. Freaking. Used to read this comic unironically…” (reply), Something Awful, November 06, 2006
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