n. A dog bred from a Boston terrier and a pug.
Pugs can make bugs (with a Boston terrier) or puggles (with a beagle).
—Stefanie Scarlett, “Mixing it up,” The Journal Gazette, October 21, 2005
When a male pug is bred to a female Boston terrier, the result is a "bug," pugston, or mini-boxer. They can be tan with black muzzles and can be brindle or black/white.
—Holly Norton, “Crossbreeds: The latest doggie craze,” The News Journal, August 24, 2005
2002 (earliest)
A Boston terrier and a pug? That's a bug.
—Lisa Gutierrez, “What do you get when you cross breeds? Funny names, for one,” The Kansas City Star, August 22, 2002