candy bar phone
n. A cell phone with no lid and with a rectangular shape that resembles a traditional candy bar.
Also Seen As
Flip vs. Candy Bar: Almost all cellphones fall into one of these two categories, which relate to the cellphone's shape. Flip phones, also known as clamshell phones, open and close on a hinge, protecting the phone's numeric keypad from accidental dialing. Candy-bar phones are rectangular in shape and operate without having to flip open. Electronic key locks prevent accidental dialing on a candy-bar phone's always-exposed number pad.
—Walter S. Mossberg, “A Guide to Cellphone Technobabble,” The Wall Street Journal, September 28, 2006
Lightning struck once when Motorola Inc. created the world's best-selling cell phone, the super-thin RAZR flip phone.

Now the Schaumburg tech company is looking for lightning to strike a second and third time with two new products released in stores Tuesday: the SLVR, the super-thin candy bar phone directly descended from the RAZR, and the PEBL, a new "iconic product" with rounded edges and a jewel-like finish.
—Howard Wolinsky, “Call it a straight RAZR,” Chicago Sun-Times, February 01, 2006
2003 (earliest)
Motorola's innovative V70 rotator phone has made magazine covers worldwide and the latest models come in a variety of forms - from fun "candybar" phones to the sleek gadgets that look like cigar boxes, the flagship V600 clamshell and bigger personal digital assistants.
—Marina Bidoli, “Betting on Moto-mania,” Financial Mail, January 17, 2003