pp. Panhandling among cars stopped at a red light.
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Panhandling has always been a delicate subject. So delicate, in fact, that most cities know very little about the people who stake out a square of sidewalk to ask for change. Toronto is aiming to change that with a pilot study; running until the end of this month, it will try to figure out the social needs of our panhandlers. But how do we stack up against other cities when it comes to sparing a dime? …

Hot spots: Yonge and Dundas; "car-panning" at Gardiner off-ramps to Bay and Yonge.
—Rina D'Angelo, “Getting Panned,” Toronto Life, September 01, 2007
Bruce, a panhandler in the Queen-John Sts. area yesterday, said he makes up to $30 a day begging from passersby.

"The Lake Shore is where the money is — car panning — those guys makes $200-300 a day," added Bruce.
—Zen Ruryk, “Begging ban pushed,” The Toronto Sun, January 25, 2007
2006 (earliest)
I make the best money car-panning, at red lights.
—Rhylie James John Harrell, “The Going Rate,” The Globe and Mail, March 11, 2006
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