n. Educating or instructing a child while driving in a car.
Also Seen As
Louis C. DeLuca, a semiretired salesman and a state senator in Connecticut, has had it with people reading the newspaper on the steering wheel, car-schooling their kids from the front seat and drive-time dining. He is the sponsor of a bill, passed Monday by the legislature's Transportation Committee, attacking "driving while distracted."
—Matthew Purdy, “Don't Touch That Dial, Drivers,” The New York Times, April 04, 2001
2000 (earliest)
Grant and others who educate their children at home offer the following tips on turning the summer break into an educational opportunity: … In the car: As Grant has found, an extended education often involves travel. "We basically do car-schooling," she said.
—Jill Smith, “Keep kids learning on summer break,” The Oregonian, June 15, 2000
I should point out that Car Schooling ™ is a registered trademark of writer Diane Flynn Keith, who probably coined the phrase.