n. The garbage that accumulates in some cars, particularly in the back seat.
We'd already lost control of our limbs and fallen under that peculiar trance cast by songs that are so excruciating that one cannot resist listening all the way to the end — just to hate them as much as possible.

"Hmmm," we said. "There should be a word for that."

What we needed, we thought, was a hybrid like "idolspise," one of our favorite invented words. It refers to simultaneously feeling admiration and loathing toward a person — usually someone who has and does everything you would have and do if you were more motivated.

And then there's "carbage," coined by one of us to refer to the empty Pepsi cans and used Kleenex that collect in the foot wells of the back seat.
—Karen Sandstrom, “Help us expand our vocabulary,” Plain Dealer, July 01, 2007
CARBAGE: Rubbish in an Astra.
—“Vauxhall ashtray” (photo caption), The Mirror, May 29, 2007
2001 (earliest)
carbage (noun):
the accumulated garbage, papers, and other assorted detritus that litters one's car after a road trip.
—Patrick Couperus, Wanted Words 2, Stoddart Publishing Co., October 01, 2001
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