n. Not inviting guests to one's house because it is too messy or cluttered.
Just as computers and e-mail have failed to render us a paperless society, living in a throwaway world seems to have eroded our will to throw anything away.

Where our grandmothers hoarded rubber bands and egg cartons, we've added eighties miniskirts, rice makers and six-year-old nail polish to the inventory.

While I may yet need to call in organizer Rennick, I decided to try to save her $150 consultation fee and $75 hourly charge.

So I signed up for Cilley's support group after a punishing round of speed cleaning before an impromptu cocktail party. The place looked great, but I was so burnt out that sparkle was out of the question. I clearly had what Cilley calls CHAOS: Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome.
—Tralee Pearce, “Cut the clutter,” The Globe and Mail, January 11, 2003
1991 (earliest)
Many people suffer from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) without realizing it. Their houses aren't unclean, just cluttered. They can't get organized.
—“Disorganized? Enter the CHAOS contest,” The Salt Lake Tribune, December 29, 1991