chick lit
n. Books that appeal primarily to women.
Also Seen As
The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing is the "Chick Lit" book of the moment, a loosely linked set of short stories centering on Jane Rosenal's romantic coming-of-age over 20 or so years.
—Nancy Pate, “'Chick Lit' Can Be Funny and Serious,” The Orlando Sentinel, June 27, 1999
Anyway, I still adore his writing, and he's still my hero, but I'm really very sad to see Wolcott decrying postfem chick lit as mere "popularity-contest coquetry." (I think he's jealous.) He doesn't even like Cynthia Heimel or Julie Burchill, from what I can tell.
—Vicki Hengen, “Pictures perfect; rock gems; chick lit,” The Boston Globe, May 22, 1996
1988 (earliest)
Female Literary TraditionChick Lit
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Music 103Clapping for Credit
—Don M. Betterton, Alma Mater, Peterson's Guides, December 01, 1988