chief content officer
n. A corporate executive in charge of creating and obtaining content for a website.
Also Seen As
"The fact that HBO is one of the best-known brand names in the country and it is in less than one-third of the homes is rather remarkable, but not remarkable in a good way," says Larry Gerbrandt, the chief content officer for Kagan World Media, a media reserch firm.
—Matt Kempner, “HBO's muscle has its limits; Challenge: Use hits to lure subscribers,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, September 21, 2002
Mark Simmer, chief content officer for the Waltham, Mass.-based Lycos, explained that it's all about bringing people to the site, getting them to linger for a while and training them to come back.
—Ian Olgeirson, “Westwind captivates audiences on Internet,” Denver Business Journal, May 07, 1999
1997 (earliest)
Rossetto, who has been called a micromanager by some employees, said he will be a ''full-time chief content officer'' throughout the company.
—Jon Swartz, “Wired Won't Unravel, CEO Says,” The San Francisco Chronicle, December 05, 1997
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