chief table pounder
n. The person who is the most ardent champion of a new or different way of doing things.
Also Seen As
But it wasn't until 1999, when Glocer was overseeing Reuters' information division and its North and South American operations, that he began proselytizing for a complete overhaul of the Reuters system. It was the height of Internet fever, and Reuters, like just about every company in the world, knew it needed to come up with a plan for dealing with the Web. Glocer was the chief table pounder.
—Katrina Brooker, “London Calling,” Fortune, April 02, 2001
1999 (earliest)
Then, after reading the company's press release and a subsequent report by chief table-pounder Ashok Kumar from Piper Jaffray, I realized that the reason so many Ancor-anatics have been so revved up over this company no longer existed."
—Herb Greenberg, “The Game Doesn't Go Ancor's Way, So Ancor Changes It,”, December 07, 1999
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