n. A language or linguistic style that is understood only by, or appeals only to, practicing Christians.
Kutz and many other pastors prefer to share uplifting yet realistic stories about how faith has helped people through trying times. Marsh says it is especially important not to preach the Easter message in "Christianese,'' using obscure biblical terms and references.
—Dave Schleck, “A Time of New Beginnings,” Daily Press, April 12, 1988
1986 (earliest)
Smith said his third and latest album, The Big Picture, marks a departure of sorts in his career.

'The first two records,' he said, 'they were contemporary and they were pop, but they were kind of Christianese or whatever — you use that kind of language to communicate to the church.'
—Russell Smith, “Former sideman Michael W. Smith says he's not the next Amy Grant,” The Dallas Morning News, October 17, 1986
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