commercial service provider
n. A company that offers a complete range of services for setting up a business for online commerce.
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The forum lists only the Helsinki Telephone Company of Finland as an active commercial service provider, predicting the there will be 20,000 DSL users by next year. This contrasts with the 46 service providers up and running in the US, mostly limited to major metropolitan areas.
—Stephen Hannington, “Putting DSL on the line,” Network News, February 10, 1999
An array of companies—Concentric, EarthLink, MindSpring, PSINet—now offer all the services small and medium-sized businesses could want when they take their commerce online.

Services like domain name registration, hosting, site design, and applications management make these outfits, in effect, commercial service providers, or CSPs.
—Matthai Chakko Kuruvila, “ISPs? So 10 Minutes Ago,” Wired, February 01, 1999
1985 (earliest)
The number of electronic mail transactions carried by the commercial service providers such as MCI and Western Union is expected to grow at an anual rate of 62% between now and 1995, according to the survey.
—“E-mail growth slow but strong,” Computerworld, December 09, 1985
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