commodity chic
n. A fashionable style applied to commodity items such as bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances.
Keith Clarridge, Vice President of Marketing for Menu Solutions, also present at the awards ceremony, adds, 'with intense competition, consumers are increasingly more critical — they expect more, but want to pay less. We seek integrate of all stages of a product development from creative conception all the way through to 'shelf' to translate as affordable "commodity chic."
—Kris Major, “International Menu Solutions Category Finalist of Coveted Canadian Grand Prix New Food Product Award,” PR Newswire, June 12, 2000
1999 (earliest)
Call it commodity chic. Marketers of watches and desk chairs, lawn sets and household tools are courting the world's top artists in a bid to make design a critical selling point.
—Frank Gibney, “The Allure of Commodity Chic,” Time, August 30, 1999