confluence hunter
n. A person who uses maps and GPS to travel to confluence points, where the integer degree lines of latitude and longitude intersect.
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On a map, the points where lines of longitude and latitude cross are called "degree confluence points." The over 64,000 real-world places where these imaginary lines intersect — that's 360 degrees of longitude multiplied by 180 degrees of latitude — have sparked the imagination of confluence hunters around the world.
—Joshua Glenn & Elizabeth Foy Larsen, Unbored Games, Blomsbury Publishing, October 14, 2014
Among the most difficult conversations many confluence-hunters face are those with perplexed locals, especially in remote locales where residents are suspicious of outsiders who claim to only be looking for otherwise unremarkable points on geographic maps.
—“Looking for nothing in Iraq’s desert,” Al Arabiya News, December 06, 2012
While backpackers typically seek payoffs like summit views and solitude, confluence hunters get excited about more absolute matters like longitudinal minutes. “The line was just beautiful," exclaims Kerski, without a hint of irony.
—Timothy Sprinkle, “The Confluence Hunters,” Backpacker, February 01, 2007
2000 (earliest)
Kirk to Enterprise, the planet is inhabited solely by golf buggies and confluence hunters.
—James Nicholls & Justin Alloi, “32°S 116°E (visit #1),” The Degree Confluence Project, May 20, 2000
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