cornea gumbo
n. A web page, ad, or other graphic piece that is an overdesigned, jumbled, soup of colors, fonts, and images.
Folks who love splashy images and page layout may think of the oversized Inside the publishing revolution: The Adobe story as "eye candy" or "cornea gumbo," while those with a text-oriented bent may say that the images overwhelm the content.
—Lori Lathrop, “Inside the Publishing Revolution: The Adobe Story,” Technical Communication, May 01, 2004
1996 (earliest)
Cornea Gumbo
A visually noisy, overdesigned, Photoshopped mess. "Gawd, we’ve got to redesign that page, it’s become total cornea gumbo."
—Gareth Branwyn, “Jargon Watch,” Wired, September 01, 1996
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