corporate portal
n. An internal website on a corporate network that offers content and services aimed at the company's employees.
In addition to the true general portals, there are thousands of specialty, or "vertical," portals, such as Time Warner's impending site and for African Americans, aimed at a single topic or audience. There are corporate portals, too, such as the internal Web sites that Yahoo said last week it and Hewlett-Packard Co. would customize and sell to big companies.
—Leslie Walker, “Some Light Through the Portal,” The Washington Post, August 19, 1999
Enter the notion of "corporate portals" — centralized home pages organized to put all of a company's internal information at its employees' fingertips.

Corporate portals also let employees access data that exists within a host of other applications on company servers, such as e-mail, spreadsheets and word-processing documents.
—Tom Stein, “Portals Climb Corporate Ladder,” The San Francisco Chronicle, August 16, 1999
1998 (earliest)
According to Alpha Microsystems' vice president of marketing, Denny Michael, the AlphaCONNECT(R) Knowledge Management Suite, which comprises advanced corporate portal technologies for intranets and extranets to web-based search-and-compile database products, will be demonstrated throughout the upcoming Comdex Enterprise Show.
—“AlphaCONNECT To Launch Knowledge Management Suite,” Business Wire, August 26, 1998
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