corridor cruiser
n. A worker who spends a lot of time walking through office corridors, usually en route from one meeting to another.
Other Forms
The emerging Tablet PC user will be the "corridor cruiser" and not necessarily someone in a small business, he said. "The target market for Microsoft is clearly the enterprise user—from desktop to boardroom and back," Smith said.
—Heather Clancy, “Take 2 Tablets…,” Computer Reseller News, June 10, 2002
1993 (earliest)
Of 27.3 million mobile professionals, 58% spend the majority of their traveling time locally. The opportunities are there for companies that can extend the computing environment to those simply away from their desks. These groups include the following:

"Collaborators" are the most ambulatory. They spend up to 85% of their time working with others and frequently require responses within the hour.

"Corridor cruisers" are usually less technical than collaborators and spend over half their time away from their desks working with others in the same building.
—Kevin Burden, “Local tint in mobile computing,” Computerworld, March 08, 1993
Daikatana…is not a corridor cruiser with another boring monster sure to be around the next dank corner, exactly like the last and the next.
—Steve La Rue, “Daikatana a graphically rich but deadly dance,” The San Diego Union-Tribune, July 11, 2000
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