n. A music genre that combines elements of both North American country-and-western music and eastern, middle-eastern, or Asian music.
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Until this point, the music has been Western, and sung in English. But when the Girl's angry spirit returns, Ms. Yi switches to Mandarin and the Chinese opera style. …

"Orphan" was a minor miracle of stagecraft because he and his collaborators boiled down disparate styles to create a coherent new one. (Mr. Merritt coined a term for his hybrid score: "country and eastern.")
—Jeremy McCarter, “A Wintry Mix,” The New York Sun, December 09, 2003
Saturday's performance was a lighter moment, as Shur strummed his guitar and entertained about 50 toe-tapping, hand-clapping people.

"That genre is called country-eastern music," Shur said, after performing a country-influenced song about Jerusalem.
—Shawn Anderson, “Rabbi rocks crowd,” Observer-Dispatch, November 09, 2003
1981 (earliest)
Mr. Vega's singing with Suicide has always reflected his admiration for Elvis Presley, but in an electronic context. On ''Alan Vega'' (ZE/PVC Records), he has created a kind of trance rockabilly (or country-and-Eastern music, as a friend calls it) that combines the spare textures and repetition that are typical of Suicide with a pummeling, guitar-dominated attack and full-tilt vocals that recall 1950's rock-and-roll.
—Robert Palmer, “Music of Suicide duo an affirmation of life,” The New York Times, January 23, 1981
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