credit cookie
n. An extra movie scene played during the closing credits.
Wait to see it on DVD, and as an added bonus you won't have to dally in the theater for the lame-brained, sequel-baiting credit cookie — in which we learn the shocking fact that a character named "Sinestro" could maybe turn into a bad guy.
—Beth Saulnier, “Latest superhero foray 'Green Lantern' is dim bulb,” The Ithaca Journal (New York), June 23, 2011
Lessons are learned, Jessica sees things from a different point of view, sweetness triumphs, and the movie ends with one of those "deleted" scenes over the final credits. This particular credit cookie is notable for being even more boring and pointless than the movie.
—“'Hot Chick' a twisted gender-bender,” York Sunday News (York, PA), December 15, 2002
1999 (earliest)
Don't leave when the end titles start to roll. Credit cookies (those little bonus scenes they stick in between 'Key Grip' and 'Location Catering') are usually used for outtakes showing Matthau and Lemmon blowing their lines, or Jackie Chan breaking his legs. In 'Wild Things,' McNaughton does something new: flashbacks, showing us stuff that was offscreen the first time around.
—Roger Ebert, “Wild Things,” Chicago Sun-Times, July 23, 1999
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