n. The remains of a person who has been cremated.
For a few hundred dollars, Rock & Water Creations of Fillmore will deposit the dearly departed in stumps, fake boulders or rocks — even in a sleeping bear or a leaping dolphin. Each hollow monument has a plaque and a discreet pocket to hold the ashes — or cremains — of a loved one.
—David Kelly, “Keeping Memories Distinct,” Los Angeles Times, October 21, 2002
1963 (earliest)
Any contact with the idea of dying takes place on a totally unrealistic level, buoyed up by semantic fiddling (the loved one passes into everlasting slumber, reposes in a casket, has his cremains hygienically dissolved, rests for all eternity in a memorial park)….
—Alan Colren, “Booking Office: The High Cost of Leaving,” Punch, October 16, 1963
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