n. A gathering or party where several people meet to build and discuss scrapbooks.
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More and more, 'scrapbookers' get together for parties, called crops. Scrapbooking is the 'quilting bee of the 21st century,' Mrs. Arrigo said.
—Jenni Smith, “Scrapbook company turning a profit by helping others make sure precious memories last forever,” The Dallas Morning News, June 25, 2000
In Columbus, scrapbooking has taken hold and then some. Creative Memories, a St. Cloud, Minn-based direct-marketing company is host to at least one local class a day. Creative Memories sells its line of merchandise through in-home classes, workshops and extended sessions called "crops."
—Debbie Gebolys, “Scrapbooking Industry Cropping Up in Columbus,” Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), November 09, 1998
1998 (earliest)
Evening lights are flicking on, and the women gather at the store in the neighborhood shopping center as they might at a church for a quilting bee a century ago.

They bring mementos of their family lives — a sixth-grade class photo, a first birthday party with yellow balloons, ticket stubs from the movie "Toy Story," a 2-year-old in a bubble bath, a new kitten asleep on the sofa, a helmeted 5-year-old perched on his bike.

From these colorful pieces, a scrapbook will emerge.

"It's called a 'crop.' You get together with other ladies and work from 6 to midnight, without the distraction of kids and telephones," says Donna Johnson, 30, of Lakeland, who started "scrapbooking" 10 months ago.
—Mary J. Loftus, The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida), March 04, 1998
Just recently, Mrs. Crumpton and a group of like-minded women met for their monthly "cropping party" — a six-hour marathon of cutting, pasting, drawing, sticking and tracing — all in the name of the ultimate family album.
—Scottie Vickery, “The Ultimate Family Album,” Birmingham News (Alabama), January 22, 1996
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