n. A person who provides a small amount of labor, usually for little or no pay, as part of a larger crowdsourced project.
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AutoMan could be used by developers of apps like VizWiz, in which blind people take a photo of their surroundings and receive a description of the scene. The algorithm could be incorporated into the app, sending the photos to crowdworkers, choosing the correct descriptions and sending them back to the app's user.
—Douglas Heaven, “Your next boss could be a computer,” New Scientist, December 06, 2012
The blur Group offers a number of specific opportunities for crowdworkers in the fields of design, marketing, writing, photography and video.
—Aliza Sherman, “18 Ways to Earn Money From Crowdworking,” Mashable, April 01, 2011
2009 (earliest)
We asked 200 people that do work on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to fill out the following crowdworker survey.
—Brent Frei, “How do Crowdsourced Workers Feel?,” The Productive Will Rule the World, November 09, 2009
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