cube farm
n. A collection of cubicles in an office.
Your first clue that this is not an average cube farm: the boss often skips the elevator, and slides to executive suites. Lots of people ride their bikes to the office, but around here, everyone is encouraged to bike inside the office.
—Willow Bay, “Nathan's World,” CNN, March 03, 1999
The beloved cube farm began to crop up on our office landscape in the 1970s with what Haworth design manager Jeff Reuschel calls a "noble purpose": replacing the "bullpens full of desks" that were the norm back then with a more flexible, fluid solution."
—Dale Fuchs, “The Cubicle Culture,” Palm Beach Post, September 10, 1997
1997 (earliest)
Cube Farm
An office filled with cubicles.
—Gareth Branwyn, Jargon Watch, Hardwired Books, May 01, 1997
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