culture of confession
n. Elements of the culture that encourage the admission of wrongdoings and the sharing of feelings.
Campbell is suing the Mirror for breach of confidence and unlawful invasion of privacy, following the newspaper's exposure of the model in February last year as a member of Narcotics Anonymous. Thus her appearance in court marked a head-spinning collision of contemporary obsessions: models, celebrity, the media, drugs, therapy and the culture of confession.
—Andrew Anthony, “Celebrities and the press,” The Observer, February 17, 2002
1993 (earliest)
If this were a talk show, Clinton would appear as what? Men Who Compromise Too Much? … More to the point, this is a president who understands the culture of confession. As a candidate, this baby boomer was routinely compared — favorably — to talk show host and guest.
—Ellen Goodman, “A double-take on gays,” The Boston Globe, November 07, 1993
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