cut steel
v. To take a product from design to implementation.
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Czech Ocean Shipping made an initial commitment to two units of the class in March 1995, and followed up with a repeat order in November. The follow-on deal for third and fourth units had extended the delivery programme to March 1998. However, GSI is looking to complete all four ships within 1997. It planned to cut steel for the first of the series in February 1996.
—David Tinsley, “Special Report on Shipbuilding and Shiprepair,” Lloyd's List, February 26, 1996
1983 (earliest)
Andrew McArthur, president of Saint John Shipbuilding, said the frigates will eventually employ about 800 shipyard workers for a period of five years. "But it will probably be more than 15 months before we start cutting steel, so we have to find something — probably ship repair — to fill the gap."
—Carey French, “Government jobs boon for shipyards,” The Globe and Mail, June 30, 1983
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