pp. Griping about a company and its products online, particularly by using a website created specifically for that purpose.
Addresses ending in '' have become popular for so-called cybergriping sites, where dissatisfied consumers can complain about businesses and their products and services.

Especially popular griping sites in the United States include and
—AP, “Web sites you might never see,” The National Law Journal, September 04, 2000
[Johnson] argues persuasively that the average consumer would not confuse with a Web site sponsored by the plaintiff. Registering domain names in the form of [company name] to provide a forum for critical commentary is not uncommon, and is part of an Internet phenomenon known as 'cybergriping.'
—David Akin, “Lucent can't close down,” National Post (Canada), May 12, 2000
1999 (earliest)
But everyone agrees that, as cybershopping grows, so does cybergriping.

"People are definitely looking to the Internet to complain," says Catherine Ann of Consumer Connection, which advises retailers on how to improve customer service.
—Susan Lazaruk, “Consumers protest on Internet,” The Ottawa Citizen, July 05, 1999
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