n. The official name of competitive ballroom dancing.
Their problem is that their sport, ballroom dancing, is not taken seriously by many in the sporting establishment, even though it is on the verge of receiving full Olympic recognition. Further, the boys in particular can face bullying from schoolmates who remain unaware of the levels of fitness and discipline demanded by competitive dancing, now referred to as 'dancesport' in an attempt to bring about a change of image.
—Ruth Gledhill, “Slow, slow, quick, quick, dance,” The Times of London, November 18, 1996
1991 (earliest)
"Slow down," she said. "Say, you never did tell me why you needed a house with lots of floor space."

"Dancing," we said, and explained that we were in training for the United States Dancesport Championships, being held Saturday and Sunday at the Hyatt at Los Angeles Airport.
—R. D., “Best bets,” Los Angeles Times, August 01, 1991
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