n. A person who obsessively collects and shares data about his or her own life to improve self-knowledge and embellish self-presentation.
Other Forms
Here is a collection of people who record and track their everyday lives online, and then analyze and quantify their existence, from toothbrushing to reading to fecal contents. These "datasexuals" now have a social movement, of a sort, which they call the "Quantified Self" movement.
—Tom Slee, “Evgeny Morozov’s 'To Save Everything, Click Here',” Whimsley, March 09, 2013
At the other end is the so-called "datasexual," the type of person who enjoys sharing data as much as David Duchovny enjoys a good roll in the hay. This is that person who obsessively shares their every move online, then tracks and measures the performance of what’s been reported.
—Steffan Heuer & Permille Tranberg, “Digital promiscuity is bad for your health,” The Daily Dot, March 07, 2013
2012 (earliest)
The same cultural zeitgeist that gave us the metrosexual — the urban male obsessive about grooming and personal appearance — is also creating its digital equivalent: the datasexual. The datasexual looks a lot like you and me, but what’s different is their preoccupation with personal data. They are relentlessly digital, they obsessively record everything about their personal lives, and they think that data is sexy….Their lives — from a data perspective, at least — are perfectly groomed.
—Dominic Basulto, “Meet the Urban Datasexual,” Big Think, April 16, 2012