v. To avoid conflict; a military strategy that attempts to route planes and other vehicles so they do not conflict with each other.
Also Seen As
Mr. Secretary, will the continuation of the fight in Afghanistan from the American point of view delay the deployment of a multinational force?

MR. WOLFOWITZ: No. We believe that the multinational — I guess it's called the security assistance force for Kabul can be deployed, and we can de-conflict its mission from our mission.
—“Defense Department Operational Update,” Federal News Service, December 18, 2001
Deconflict: The task of keeping coalition aircraft separated in an attack so they don't interfere with each other or shoot each other down.
—People, “Terms of Bombardment,” People, May 30, 1991
1975 (earliest)
How will the system deconflict a developing hazard involving several aircraft in close proximity when alternatives (escape routes) lead to additional conflict?
—Aviation Week & Space Technology, November 10, November 10, 1975