n. The anniversary of the demise of a person or an entity such as a business or service.
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At The Outline, Ann-Derrick Gaillot profiles ex-Vine star Christiana Gilles (@NaturalExample) for the app’s one-year deathiversary.
—Catherine Cusick, “White Privilege on Loop,” Longreads, January 22, 2018
In the midst of TV’s full brunt of Diana deathiversary specials, Showtime has decided that what one naturally wants instead is a dispassionate, depressing documentary about the downward spiral and untimely death of pop superstar Whitney Houston, who drowned in a hotel bathtub in 2012.
—Hank Stuever, “‘Whitney: Can I Be Me’ tries and fails to bring meaning to the late singer’s legacy,” The Washington Post, August 24, 2017
If all the world’s a stage, Shakespeare seems to be rarely off it these days, to the extent that some may be less tempted to celebrate his deathiversary than to say, “Him again, still?”
—Jennifer Schuessler, “Shakespeare. Dead?,” The New York Times, April 21, 2016
—simoniker, “Intellivision's Deathiversary Celebrated, Mourned,” Slashdot, February 24, 2004
1987 (earliest)
"This is Elvis" is fairly widely available; you could find it even during the Elvis Death-iversary.
—Bill Cosford, “Hidden gems lie waiting in video stores,” Chicago Tribune, September 18, 1987
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