n. Pejorative nickname for the bankrupt city of Detroit.
Also Seen As
There are certain events which are extremely predictable, one being any city run by progressive Democrats will ultimately fail. Detroit, or Debtroit if you like, is a gleaming example.
—Craig R. Smith, “Welcome to Detroit Debtroit,” Breitbart, December 09, 2013
Detroit, Michigan, may be the nation’s only large city to have sported three distinct pronunciations: the original French, du-TWAH; the 19th century American, deh-TROIT; and the more recent and homegrown DEE-troit. A fourth may soon evolve: DEBT-troit.
—Paul Jacob, “Debtroit: Coming to a City Near You,” Townhall, July 21, 2013
2005 (earliest)
americans are addicted to oil. It's a chemical dependency fostered by Debtroit.
—Last Timer, “Re: Hey, don't call me an Asian,” soc.culture.indian, January 15, 2005