n. Books, films, or games that apply science fiction or fantasy elements to historical settings that display an Art Deco aesthetic.
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Catherynne M. Valente’s Radiance (Tor, $24.99) is set in a golden age of space travel. …Valente describes “Radiance” as a "decopunk alt-history Hollywood pulp SF space opera mystery with space whales and silent movies."
—Nancy Hightower, “Our top science-fiction and fantasy picks for October,” The Washington Post, October 20, 2015
Steampunk is pretty popular these days, but my mind has always leaned more towards the aesthetics of Art Deco. Thought I’d be the first to create a new sci-fi movement centered around that time period, but upon doing some research, turns out, the genre of Decopunk already exists.
—Stephen Sumner, “The Sci-Fi Sphere and Decopunk Beauty (Pictorial),” Optimal Human Modulation, September 22, 2014
Like many gamers, I loved BioShock and BioShock 2. These first-person shooter games took place in Rapture — an underwater decopunk world populated by crazed genetic scientists, Ayn Rand-inspired industrialists, creepy little girl clones and the iconic cyborg Big Daddy.
—Danishka Esterhazy, “Latest BioShock looks impressive but lacks moral complexity,” Winnipeg Free Press, April 04, 2013
1998 (earliest)
'The Fifth Element' is a lovingly reconstructed fairy tale dragged up in stylish decopunk.
—David Golding, “The List (was Good, recent SF films)” (reply), aus.films, June 18, 1998
A scene from the decopunk game, BioShock. (Source)