deep link
n. A web page link that points to a file within a site rather than the site's home page.
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The co-branded micro-site featured eight content sections, such as Refreshment, Action, Books and Kids, and more, and included deep links to the Yaris Web site.
—“Toyota campaign claims succes,” New Media Age, July 22, 1999
Concerned about 'deep linking' — that is, links to pages buried deep within their sites — they've used their lawyers to force other Web site owners, such as, to remove such 'deep links'.
—“David green considers the search engine's claims about web coverage,” Information World Review, January 01, 1999
1995 (earliest)
Starting today, IDD is offering a variety of Internet-based opportunities to mutual fund companies to encourage use of the Internet to highlight their fund offerings, and to commence active participation on the Information Superhighway….IDD can also provide deep links into specific points within a fund company's own Web server.
—“Investment Dealers' Digest Marches Forward With Its New Mutual Fund Center Located On Its Premier World Wide Web Site,” PR Newswire, May 23, 1995
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