n. A driverless vehicle or unpiloted drone that delivers packages and other cargo.
Also Seen As
Need a package delivered before the meeting starts? No problem. Other projections for work day dynamics include a modular "deliverbot" designed to deliver your packages.
—Darren Hunter, “Rethinking Happy Hour With The Self-Driving Office,” Forbes, December 17, 2014
For some, the announcement may have conjured visions of deliverbots whizzing through the air, ringing doorbells with mechanical arms. But the latest manifestation of Mr. Bezos’ laser focus on customer service hints at bigger disruptions to come.
—Rachel King, “Amazon’s Drones Will Change More than Delivery,” The Wall Street Journal, December 02, 2013
What's cooler than driverless cars? Deliverbots. Prepare for serious disintermediation.
—100 Future Objects, “What's cooler…,” Twitter, January 04, 2012
2008 (earliest)
A variant of the robocar is the deliverbot. This is a robot vehicle meant to carry cargo, not people. DARPA's Grand Challenge is in large part an effort to develop deliverbots for the military. They want robots to deliver cargo in war zones, so soldiers' lives are not put at risk.
—Brad Templeton, “Deliverbots — computer driven trucks,” Brad Templeton Home, June 23, 2008