n. A rich person whose wealth is based on owning stock in Dell Computer Corporation.
"Dellionaires," who made their fortunes at the PC manufacturer that calls Austin home, are responsible for many start-ups.
—“Growing Pains,” Computerworld, June 19, 2000
Simply put, 'Dellionaires' are high-tech workers with stock options, the people buying the million-dollar mansions, the luxury sports cars — Lexus, Jaguars, BMW — and state-of-the-art stereo systems.
—Monica Andreeff, “Austin's powers,” National Post (Canada), December 13, 1999
1998 (earliest)
And if the archetypal big-rich Texan of a generation ago was an oilman in his Cadillac, today it is arguably one of the "Dellionaires," the 20- and 30-something employees of the Dell Computer Corporation who got in on the ground floor of the concern, in the Austin suburb of Round Rock.
—Sam Howe Verhovek, “Austin Rides a Winner,” The New York Times, January 31, 1998
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