n. A dictatorship that pretends to be a democracy by holding sham or fixed elections.
Khadija Ismayilova, an opposition journalist, says there is a new word for this kind of regime.

"Democratatorship — dictatorships pretending to democracies," she said from Baku.
—James Brooke, “Azerbaijan Presidential Vote May Reveal Cracks in Regime Support,” Voice of America, October 08, 2013
Singing mainly in his native languages of Dioula, French and English, Blondy also has some songs written in Arabic and Hebrew. Known for his mixture of political activism and hearty sense of humor (he coined the term "democratatorship" to identify some African governments), he is sure to entertain.
—Jeffrey Sean Soderberg, “Anthony B, Gentleman and Alpha Blondy to set fire pon' Arcata,” The Times-Standard, February 21, 2008
1999 (earliest)
After 1990, Ugresic's citizenship legally became, like it or not, Croatian. Asked to fill in the blank for "nationality" on inevitable forms, she wrote, "None." She also wrote other things that didn't please the Croatian "democratatorship" (as she dubs these hybrid political forms), such as the essays in this book.
—Stan Persky, “Recalling Yugoslavia's tragic culture of lies,” The Vancouver Sun, May 01, 1999
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